Archive | September, 2017

The Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting is very popular amongst car enthusiasts and helps to provide a unique look for ones automobile. By simply tinting your windows you can transform the look of your vehicle without a lot of money out of pocket. However window tinting is not just for car enthusiasts. Window tinting offers a ton of benefits […]

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When Hail Damage Happens to Your Vehicle

As a Colorado native there is one thing that I know, hail storms can and will damage your vehicle! Many say the Colorado weather is schizophrenic- one moment the sun is shining and the next you are stuck in a hail storm, and this my my friend is the spoken truth. Weather happens. Look at […]

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Automobile Safety & Garage Safety!

Maybe this month’s full moon has made a dent in garages and cars…literally, or maybe it is a mere coincidence, but we have heard about and seen more autos colliding with garages then we could realistically imagine. Let’s begin by saying the what spawned this post was “a car hits a garage encounter” by a […]

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