Archive | February, 2018

DIY Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, cleaning your car upholstery needs to be done from time to time.  However, many people do not know the RIGHT way to clean their vehicles upholstery and often end up using too much water and/or soap.  Thus in turn their vehicle tends to lock in a must damp smell that can be […]

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Traditional Paint Job vs. Vinyl Wraps

With ever growing and updated technology many things in all spectrums of life are changing or improving.  Including the way automobiles are built and how they run in general.  Think self driving cars, electric cars, better GPS systems, reverse cameras, etc.  So why wouldn’t technology allow for better ways to customize your car that don’t […]

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DIY Oil Changes

Not eveyone knows how to change their oil in their vehicle, but they should.  Having basic knowledge such as properly doing your own oil change is always a good idea!  Here is a video that breaks it down simply so literally anyone can do their own oil change.  Give it a try, you may just […]

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