Archive | March, 2018

The Importance Of Regular Tire Rotations

Sometimes performing even the simplest of maintenance procedures on your automobile can be the most beneficial.  Oil changes are quick, simple and relatively inexpensive, but they are one of the key components to keeping your cars engine running smoothly and efficiently. The same can be said about the simplicity and importance of regular tire rotations. […]

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How To Change Your Vehicles Air Filter

The purpose of our blog is to provide tips, advice, and facts about automobiles that can help you maintain them and keep them runnng smoothly and problem free! In our last post we talked about the importance of changing and maintaing your air filter.  We thought we’d post a DIY video as a follow up […]

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The Importance Of Changing Your Air Filter

Preventative maintenance for your car is very important, however most vehicle owners tend to find maintenance measures such as oil changes, changing your air filter, transmission flushes etc. time consuming and bothersome. The truth is that overlooking these preventative maintenance procedures may seem small but they can definitely create problems with your vehicle that can […]

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